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I have found the one who my soul loves.

Song of Solomon 3:4

Now that you have found the one your soul loves, you get to start planning that beautiful day that you both will remember forever!  Let me walk you through my process of how I go about capturing this wonderful occasion.


The first thing I do when I get on site is find the bride, chat with her, snag a hug and then gather all the things she has set aside to be photographed as her details.  These things have had much thought and l put into them and have each been selected for a reason. It's important to have them photographed and remembered.   I wore my pearls my mom had gotten me for my eighteenth birthday and am so glad looking back that the photographer had taken time to get a picture of them. Some brides use lace or trim from their mother or grandmother's dress to wrap the bouquet, a family heirloom or jewelry. The list goes on.  You also want to be sure to have your dress, shoes, all jewelry, hair pieces, bouquet and invitations with the envelope all photographed.


A really sweet moment I love in wedding, is when you are getting ready with that special person in the bride's life, who has always been there for them. Whether it's their mom, grandmother, future mother in law or best friend, these are moments they will be sure to treasure.


Next come the bridal portraits. These are a favorite of mine. I love seeing the  bride's vision of how she will look on her wedding day finally come to life. She may be nervous and slightly stressed but she is always stunning and glowing in love. It's something I'll never get tired of photographing.


If there is time, I like getting the bride with her bridesmaids and visa versa with the groom and the groomsmen. That way the only thing we have to do after the ceremony is the full bridal party, family and the bride and groom. 


I get asked a lot about first looks, and I've personally seen some pros and cons to each. The pro to doing a  first look is you get to have this very special private moment with just the two of you ( and me, lol!)  you won't get that any other time that day. You also have extra time set aside, this means more time to get photos of just the two of y'all, time you may not have a lot of after all the photos that need to be done after the ceremony.  The con is you don't get the same effect of the first look coming down the isle. If him seeing you as his bride for the first time coming down the isle is important to you, then I wouldn't do a first look. I've don't wedding both ways and it just comes down to what you both want.  This is your day. there is no right or wrong way.


The ceremony, what's it's truly all about. The dress is beautiful, the dinner I'm sure will be delicious, the décor is stunning, but tying your life, your heart and soul to another is where the true magic lies.


Now we are off to all the photos after the ceremony. Family photos, full bridal party and more. I usually like to have an hour just dedicated to photos. This is the perfect time for guest to mingle, get some snacks and a drink and just enjoy themselves while we do photos.  I have list of "must have" for every wedding that I give the bride beforehand to look over and then ask if there are any others they would like to add to the list. Right after the ceremony we will do family photos first in case there are any elderly family members, that way they can be done quickly and are able to go take a seat without having to stand or wait too long.  After family we can move onto the bridal party and any others we didn't get beforehand. These can be so much fun! It's a celebration, and I love when friends really get into it! 


Now we come to my absolutely favorite part of the day! Bride and groom portraits.  This is the time when we can just focus on them and the life they have just started together as husband and wife!  

227A4541 - Copy.jpg
227A4392 - Copy.jpg
227A4411 - Copy.jpg

Thank you so much for reading along. I would love to talk to you and see if we would be a good fit to capture this special day for you! We are a bit of a third wheel that day, and end up really getting to know and connect with our couples, so It's important we feel comfortable with one another. 

Send me a quick message so we can set up a free consultation call!

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