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Black and White Editorial Bridal Shoot

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

This shoot gave me life!!! At the beginning of this year I started to feel true burnout with my work, and just wasn't feeling motivated. It felt like my creativity and inspiration was gone. I was working with another photographer to put this shoot together, and the night before our shoot, our makeup artist and model called out sick... I called Kate last second to see if she would be interested, or even able to model for us on such short notice. They say everything happens for a reason and it's so true! This girl killed it!! I couldn't take pictures of her fast enough! Plus we had these absolutely gorgeous gowns for the talented designer, Alena Fede.

Black and white photos have always spoken to me, and all of my favorites from this shoot just screamed at me to be black and white, so even though this is in no way all the amazing shots we got from this shoot. I decided I wanted to do a special blog with just this collection of them. Hope you enjoy.

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