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Follow the dream, not the money

We've all been there, the day the "dream" knocks us off our feet, and we are left staring at our current life with this unsatisfied and restless feeling. The fears, those constant companions of our soul, the ones that sell us the lies that keep us tethered to the tried and true ways our parents and teachers raised us to follow; nag us day and night. And for good reason! It's risky, going after a dream, what about money and security? you've heard the statistics on such things, more than 50% of business fail their first year in America... In the land of dreams, aka "living the American dream!" How ironic. I doubt the the original idea for the American dream was to work a job you hate your whole life. Just so you can have that white picket fence, in a nice suburb, driving a new car. Now don't get me wrong, NOTHING is wrong with these things. But if the only way to get there is a miserable job and a jerk of a boss, is it worth it? Is it really what you want out of life? I'm not saying to quit your job tomorrow and start the business of your dreams, but if it's there, if you know that's what you should be doing; then this is the wake-up call you've been waiting for! Don't wait for the "perfect time" start now. Even if it's just writing down exactly what it is you want to do, that first step is one of great importance and will take some time to pull together. What is your "why?" for what you want to do? It's what you'll have to keep going back to when the going gets tough, so make sure its good. There's no way to figure it all out at once, but find where you need to start and how you can do that in your life right now. If the first step is doing more research, then set up specific times to do so in your normal schedule. If it's signing up for a class, then start looking into some, and see what you can find and maybe set up a budget to pay for it? If it's getting some experience, then contact people who are local to you,

in the same field and see if they would chat with you, give you some tips or maybe even mentor you. A small step is all it takes to move forward. We only get this one precious life, what will you do with yours?

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