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Surprise Engagement Downtown

What an unforgettable day this was! Scott called me months before this day with his plan of how he wanted to propose to my sister in-law, Reid's sister, and how he wanted us to capture the whole thing! He told me to tell her I wanted the two of them to do a couple's shoot for my blog, and I've done shoots with them before in the past, since as you can see, they are a gorgeous couple! It was was the perfect plan and worked like a charm! I told her I wanted them to model for an engagement session at waterfront park downtown by the gazebo ( The spot he wanted to propose), so I could show future clients what a beautiful spot it was to take photos. This first photo is in the beginning of the shoot (notice the bare ring finger!). I then told them I wanted to do a shot where she would face away from him, and then when I said so, turn towards him and spin your dress so he can spin you into him like your dancing. At this point, I was so nervous and was rambling pretty bad, but I still held it together and got them into place so Scott had time to get down on one knee. Reid was on the side in the perfect position to get her first reaction, which was priceless as you'll see below! These two mean the world to Reid and I, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to share in this special moment with them!

My heart!!!

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