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Capturing Memories on Purpose

I was going to do a blog post once a month this year... This will be my second... lol! It's definitely not my strong point but I promise to try to do better. I wanted to talk today about why family photos are so important. I have two professionally done family photos from childhood up. One was when I was 6 months old ( it was done at the mall so it’s not the greatest but it’s cute and I'm glad to have it) and the other was done the summer before I got married. Six years ago! My dad really hates to do photos... Sound familiar anyone? Little does he know that we are getting family photos done this year if it’s the last thing I do! Haha! Anyway, my mom got this photo printed big and hung it on the wall years ago (see photo below) and still to this day, I stop by it every time I’m over there to look at it. It makes me smile. It’s us, smiling so big! Look at my dad!! His face is about to split with that smile! And my little sister! She isn't that little anymore by a long shot, and doesn't my mom look stunning?? Awww, all the feels... We were having so much fun that day and it shows. It's one that will stay with our family forever. It’s literally a part of our family heritage now. I'll show it to my kids, and maybe one day they will show it to theirs. If you're on the fence about getting them done, do it. It's worth it. It's a moment of your family's life captured forever, just as they are and never will be again. Because face it, nothing stays the same. But you will always have this memory. And that's everything.

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