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Engagement Beach Shoot

This shoot is what photography dreams are made of! It was one of those perfect cloudy beach sunsets that gave everything a glowy, warm feel. This was a new beach area we have never shot at before, so it was fun exploring all these neat different spots. It's also officially a new favorite session location! We found amazing huge pieces or driftwood wistful sea grass, a romantic boardwalk and of course the actual ocean! lol! Amanda did such a great job with their outfits! I love this orange dress, it added such a pop of color to the beach scene and then my favorite, a beautiful flowy dress that the wind can tease and play with. You can't beat it!

Gotta love a good ring shot! Reid captured this photo. Man I love having a talented hubby/second shooter!

This boardwalk was perfect, too perfect not to grab a few shots at!

Driftwood is my favorite!

This!!! Such a fun shot capturing pure emotion and just plain fun! This is why I love what I do!

One of my Favorites from the whole shoot!

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