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Romantic Charleston Engagement Session

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

This couple came down from Columbia to capture some of that southern charm you can't get anywhere else like you can in downtown Charleston. We went to a few of my favorite spots down here and found some hidden gems that this city is so famous for! Renee had the most beautiful dress on-people were constantly stopping to stare and say how lovely she looked. Part of it was the dress, but I believe that most of it was the glow of true love these two undoubtedly have for each other!

The character in this wall we happened to pass is so unique and fun!

This was a lucky shot! We were walking down this busy street when I saw this carriage being pulled by the mules, and I literally had three seconds to tell them to stand here and kiss before I had to take this shot! What a cool shot for them to have though!

These pillars will always be a favorite of mine. So dramatic yet simple - they never disappoint.

This hidden alley garden is one of those gems I was talking about!

What's a shoot in downtown Charleston without a couple pics on a cobblestone street?

Give me all the cute ring shots!

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