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Tips for your engagement session

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

First off, congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting and stressful time in your life, hopefully this info page will help alleviate some of that stress, at least in this area.

I believe engagement photos are just as important as wedding photos! I have printed several of my own engagement photos and have them hung around the house, while only one or two are from our actual wedding. It's a time to focus solely on the two of you and your relationship with no other distractions.

So lets jump right in! Normally I recommend having two different outfits for the shoot to give you some variety in your photos. I always advise to have one casual and one a little dressier for different looks. The goal is to coordinate colors without being too matchy.

So what to wear? Stay away from bright colors. ( This is a big one. When you wear bright colors they can actually reflect onto your face and give your skin tone a very unnatural look.) Naturals and neutrals are best! As well as pastels or jewel tone colors. Also, no logos. They can be very distracting. This shoot is all about you two so we don't want anything that draws the eye away from that.

What to bring? Water, since it may be hot out. Towels or even a change of clothes for the drive home if we end up going to the beach or river. If the weather is good we will probably want to get some shots in the water! You may also want to bring some powder to help with a shiny face if it’s hot out. Don't forget your clothes, shoes and accessories for your second look! Ladies it’s also nice having something to tie your hair back with if it gets too windy to have it down.

I hope this helps with planning your couple’s shoot! Good communication with your photographer is key. Relax, have fun being in love and enjoying one another! Couple’s shoot are probably one of my top favorite kinds of shoots to do. The more you focus on each other and the love you share the better I’m able to capture it on camera!

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