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What to wear for your family photo session.

Updated: May 17, 2022

One of the most asked question I get is "what should our family wear"? I didn't realize the extent of this struggle until this summer when we were planning my husbands family photo shoot. Not only was I in some of the photos but I was also taking all of them.. Talk about stress! I saw first hand how difficult it can be to pick a theme and have everyone go together without completely matching, which is what you want for modern day family photos. The first thing to do is pick the theme. Will it be light pastels or rich jewel tones, neutrals, plaids or formals? If this shoot is for your immediate family then I would base that decision on what would go best in your home. Because that is the main goal for having photos done is to print them out to have hanging in your home. If it is an extended family shoot then I would go with what will go best in the house of who the photos are being done for. In my case, we were doing them for my mother in law who loves pastels and they would go perfectly in her home. I ended up loving the way they turned out even though I tend to go more for the darker colors, these ended up fitting in my own home much better than if we had gone for darker colors. Here are some examples of the different types of "themes" you can have for your family photos.

As seen above there are many different styles you can choose from for your family photos. I think the hardest part is figuring out the theme. The fun part about this is everyone still has free rein to add their own personal style to each outfit while still coordinating. I love seeing all the different color and styles my families bring to the shoot! It showcases their personalities in a special and unique way.

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