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Where are the best locations for photos?

This is one of the most asked questions I get when people are planning their photo shoot, which is understandable. Location literally sets the scene for your photos, so what should you be looking for? I think some of the important things would be which location fits us as a family/couple? Where would we have fun normally? Do you like historical charm with a pop of fun color? I would say you would love downtown then. Do you like being immersed in nature? Are you drawn to woods, flowers and fields? There are several local parks that are perfect for just that. Does your family like adventure? Rough and tumble, not afraid to get wet and dirty if it means a good time? Then I would say the beach or one of the Rivers is where y'all need to be for a good time! The other thing you can consider is when I print these beautiful photos out to hang in my home, which location will best fit our own personal style? Don't stress though! Wherever you decide will be perfect, because the photos will be of the ones you love the most, and in the end that's all that matters. Below are some of my favorite local locations!

Hampton park,

The perfect place for warm photos with Spanish moss hanging off the several live oaks there. This park also always has some type of flower in bloom regardless of season. This place has so many different picture perfect "spots", which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

River shoot,

Definitely for the couple/family that like adventure and isn't afraid of a little dirt! If weather permits we will probably get some shots in the water as well!

Downtown Charleston,

You really can't beat downtown Charleston charm. With all of it's beautiful secret alleyways, cobblestone streets and iron work it's the most charming spot for any type of shoot!

Dorchester Park,

This is and forever will be my favorite park for fall photos! With all of the tree and the rustic wooden fence I just get all the fall vibes here.

Folly Beach,

I freaking love the beach... With the driftwood, waves, and seagrass, I'm literally in heaven! It is such a fun romantic spot for couple photos, but also such a blast to see kids running through the waves having the time of their lives!

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