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Rooftop Fun

It's amazing how "simple" really is best. Even with editorial feeling shoots. These were done on a parking garage roof, in full sun, with a barstool. But the finished look was stunning. It's not about what you have, (equipment, props, hair and makeup, killer location) it's about what you do with what you have. Understanding lighting and good posing is crucial in all portrait photography. This shoot was such a blast to watch come to life. It's one where I had an idea in my head but wasn't quite sure how it would turn out. I knew I wanted something simple and I wanted to play with direct lighting. As soon as we started shooting I knew we were on to something special! Kate is an amazing model and went through these poses effortlessly. It was a quick but rewarding shoot. And hot! We were sweating so badly by the time we were done! Lol! Totally worth it.

Not normally a fan of a tilted frame, but it works for this shot.

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